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No area of family law is as emotional and as important as the issue of custody and visitation of the children of the parties. If the parties cannot agree on a custody/visitation arrangement, the courts must make the final determination and, in many cases, an attorney for the children is appointed by the court to assist in determining who obtains custody and who also assists in structuring a visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent.

There are several types of custody arrangements that can be reached either by agreement of the parties or by a justice after trial. The ideal situation, which eliminates the need for costly litigation, is where the parties are able to share joint legal custody with one parent having physical custody of children. This means that the children will live primarily with one parent, subject to a formal visitation schedule worked out between the parties (or the court) and for the non-custodial parent to spend significant quality time with the children. This arrangement will also lead to the parties having joint legal custody, which means that the parties will actively participate in the children?s lives and they will both be involved with making major decisions concerning the children in areas such as their health, education, religion and extra-curricular activities.

There is also the possibility of shared custody where the parties literally divide their time with the children, on a one week to one week basis, a two week to two week basis or sometimes even breaking up the days of a given week.

The final type of custody is sole custody, where the party receiving sole custody has total control over the children?s lives in terms of all the major issues defined above. However, there may still be provisions made for discussions with the other parent and a visitation schedule will, in all likelihood, be formulated as well.

Our firm has handled a multitude of custody cases and has been very successful in obtaining custody, not only for mothers, but also for fathers. We realize the emotional trauma facing parties who are going through a divorce and the processes of custody and visitation and we spend extra time helping our clients deal with these emotional issues. Contact the Law Office of Jay Davis, PLLC to discuss your options with respect to custody and visitation.

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