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Child support is paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent, generally until the minor child turns 21. There are certain factors that may result in child support ending sooner, which our firm can explain to you. In addition, the amount of child support you receive or pay, while generally determined by the guidelines set forth in legislation known as the Child Support Standard?s Act, can be affected by other relevant factors. One such factor is whether or not all of the income earned by the non-custodial parent should be utilized in determining child support. Other factors that can possibly affect the amount of child support paid may be with regard to whether the non-custodial parent is also paying maintenance (spousal support) to their former spouse or court ordered child support for an older child from a different relationship. The Law Office of Jay Davis, PLLC will determine exactly how much child support you are entitled to, or should be paying, based upon your individual circumstances.

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